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Found in 1982 by Gary Sorrels, Real McCoy Body Worx has had a few name changes and updates over the years, but the body shop is still true to her roots, even though the garage has doubled in size. While Gary is no long in charge of the day-to-day, owner Bryan Clouser says he still plays a major role in the company to this day.

Originally known as the Body Works Shoppe, today the sign on the door reads Real McCoy Body Worx. Bryan says the company represents the next generation in auto body repair. The experts at Real McCoy have seen it all and can work on everything from personal watercraft to fleet vehicles, motorcycles to all aluminum vehicles. If it drives on the road, floats through the surf, or flies through the air, chances are they can repair it and make it look brand new again.

Owner and Operator of Real McCoy Body Worx, Bryan Clouser has been in the autobody industry for well over 30 years now. Born and raised in the Arnold / Imperial area, he’s a hometown guy. Bryan started working at the area’s largest auto body shop the day after he graduated from Fox High School, back in the Summer of ‘85. Cutting his teeth at Turk’s Auto Body, Bryan says the owner, Turk, was “like a father to me. I owe him everything. He helped make me into the man I am today.” And after 10 years of tutelage under Turk, countless hours of training, and loads of industry certifications, Bryan only hopes he’s able to take his repair work to the next level.


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In 1995, Bryan started his own business, from the ground up. Laser’s Collision Repair, in High Ridge, Missouri, was a highly successful collision repair shop, with a 98% satisfaction rate. The garage doubled in size three times. Bryan opened up multiple locations, working with every insurance company, throughout the area. He even acquired six direct repair programs for major insurance companies, an honor most auto body shops can only dream about, on top of the loads of experience and business that came Laser’s way.

Bryan went on to design and manufacture his own innovative frame repair rack. Capable of handling everything from the largest of fleet trucks on down to the tiniest import cars, this rack proved to be a game changer. The design allowed the shop to have up to 5 pulls going at a time, at upwards of 10 tons a pull. This was Bryan’s pride and joy–the backbone of his business.

Expanding his business, Bryan started repairing personal watercraft. Today he holds two US patents for setup and fixtures to repair personal watercraft vehicles, a fact that lights up his eyes every time he tells of it–a true highlight of his life, and a great personal achievement. Not everyone can be called a true innovator in the field and have the patents to back it up, after all.

Bryan often reminisces about all the great people he has meet in this business, the cars he’s repaired–from high end vehicles to show cars and specialty craft. But his favorite project over the years was repairing a total loss of a car because it was the customer’s favorite. He knew this man just couldn’t live without the vehicle. “That’s the most rewarding part,” Bryan says. “It makes what I do–all of it–worth it.”

Laser’s Body Shop grew into a million dollar revenue earning juggernaut in the auto body repair industry. But as the shop expanded, so did Bryan’s family. After eleven years of growth and the establishment of three separate successful business locations, Bryan decided he wanted to spend more quality time with his family. He sold Laser’s Collision Center to a group of investors in 2005.

The years went by, his family matured, and Bryan decided he had enough time on his hands again to do what he did best again: owning and operating a Collision Center. He purchased the Body Works Shoppe from Gary Sorrels and rechristened it Real McCoy. His return to auto body collision repair has been one filled with passion and triumph.


Today Bryan owns and operates Real McCoy Body Worx, an independent garage specializing in auto body collision repair, located back in his hometown. While he will work with any and all insurance companies, when you come to our shop for a repair, it is you, the customer, who he focuses on. With an emphasis on quality work, advanced technology, great value, customer convenience, and speedy completion, Real McCoy earns customer’s trust for life.

We understand that the customer always has a choice. You get to pick where your vehicle is repaired. We want to fix your vehicle, and we are here for you.

I-Car Certified Shop


ASE Certified Garage

Heck, if cars could talk, we wouldn’t have to advertise.

We are committed to quality, dedicated to the customer, and ready to get your car back into shape again. What better place to take your vehicle than here. We are the future in auto body.

And that’s why we are called the Real McCoy. We are the real deal, the original, accept no substitutes. The Real McCoy is the one by which all others are measured and weighed. There can be only one Real McCoy–Real McCoy Body Worx. Where old fashion personal service and modern technology collide.



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